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SThey are all those voluntary actions that allow the sustainability of the harmony of the planet, in accordance with the ethical principles, globally accepted. (Definition of Fenalco Solidario Corporation). The World Commission on Environment and Development says that a sustainable enterprise is one that: "creates economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term, contributing to the increase of well-being and the true progress of present generations and future, both in their immediate environment and on the planet.” The Rio de Janeiro statement says: "Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present, without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."


Because of this, Clinic Nova generates continuous improvement processes, to be in constant evolution, committed to eight focuses or areas of interest:


Reduce pollution levels. Culture of care of natural resources. Clean processes.


Collaboration with social programs. Participation in local authorities such as the Municipal Social Security Council. Compliance with legislation.

Community and society

Generate RES culture in society. Assistance in social and environmental programs, alliances with non-profit organizations.


Products and services with social and environmental added value. Increase the culture of caring for the environment. Long-lasting relationships.


Contracts with those who take care of the environment. Creation of new products. Knowledge of other experiences in CSR. Aligning common interests, more productivity.


Sectoral programs, good practices, successful cases, alliances for economies of scale.


Learning and training, better quality of life, professional career, improved organizational climate, improved work performance.


Healthy and productive company, model company in environmental protection. Generation of jobs in a sustainable way.

Clinica Nova responsabilidad social empresarial


In Clinic Nova communication with our clients is the most important thing, if you have any doubts, comment or suggestion, write us and we will communicate with you.