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Plastic surgery in Medellin

Establish a culture of quality and understand the duty of the Clinic Nova to improve productivity and competitiveness, developing a vision of the future, to stay in time, amid the changing market trends.


The Clinic Nova in 2021 through strategic alliances will offer its patients physical and mental wellbeing, health and beauty, through integrated services and differentiated by the warmth and excellence of its human team, preserving its purpose of social service, sustainability, technological innovation and quality.

Our Mission

SWe are a clinic dedicated to offer each of our patients physical and mental wellbeing, health and beauty through services supported by cutting edge technology, high quality standards, a competent and humanized staff; generating confidence, satisfaction, economic and social profitability.

Clinica Nova cirugia plastica medellin instalaciones

Security policy:

  • Clinic Nova is committed to the patients and their families to promote safe care practices, through a preventive approach to risk management, which starts with their identification in the processes, preventive actions to avoid occurrence, active search for adverse events and research and feedback with all areas./li>
  • Security is assumed as COMMITMENT at all levels, through the non-punitive report that leads to the construction of improvement and monitoring of institutional processes.

Quality politics:

  • We provide the patient with timely and reliable care. We offer you a dignified, fair and respectful treatment, providing a professional and competent staff.
  • Suitable technology and infrastructure for the continuous improvement of processes.

Our values


Excellence is a habit of continuous improvement in all processes through integral human beings who become leaders and work in high performance team and in the responsibility and professionalism of all their actions.


Attitude oriented to offer a respectful and fair treatment to each of the people with whom each employee of the clinic interacts.


The capacity of our staff to lend generously and unconditionally the best care to each patient and doctor.


Ability to accept differences without discussing or questioning the ideas of others


Ability to offer all our patients the same quality in services and our employees an equitable and fair treatment


It means to always act with commitment, fidelity and honesty before the responsibilities assumed, to contribute to the accomplishment of the mission and objectives of the clinic.


Manifested in us by supporting a less favored segment of society understanding the sense of solidarity as a contribution to the search for an economic balance and not only as a concept of adherence to a social value.

Ethics and transparency:

In all our welfare processes and administrative processes.

Estados financieros

Si deseas conocer toda la información sobre nuestros estados financieros puedes verla en el siguiente enlace:

Estados financieros


In Clinic Nova communication with our clients is the most important thing, if you have any doubts, comment or suggestion, write us and we will communicate with you.